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Katie Spear


I am a 4th and 5th grade teacher, navigating the bumps and hurdles of my third year of teaching. I walk into my classroom every day wondering how my students will push and challenge my thinking, and I strive to support their engagement and learning through critical thinking and creativity. I recently completed my M.A. in education at Mills College, where I focused on the relationship between concepts and words in mathematics. I am passionate about creating a safe and equitable learning space for my diverse students, and differentiating through technology integration, innovation, and PBL.

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  • PBL Planning

    My PBL Failure: 4 Tips for Planning Successful PBL

    Here are four lessons learned from a failed PBL unit: align with the school calendar, allow planning time, carefully create the topic and guiding question, and collaborate with peers.
  • PBL Planning

    My First PBL Unit: Learning From My Students

    In her first PBL unit, a new teacher learns how giving her students voice and choice will ignite their passions and enhance their learning.