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Joshua Block

Humanities teacher at Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia

Public school Humanities Teacher at Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia who passionately believes in education as a tool to help people understand and transform their realities.

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  • Culturally Responsive Teaching

    Letting Students Succeed as Themselves

    An American teacher shares a lesson learned during time he spent in New Zealand schools.
  • Student Engagement

    Encouraging Students to Own Their Work

    Bringing choice into your classroom helps you give your students chances to create work that matters to them.
  • Education Equity

    Teaching Toward Consciousness

    To create equity in their schools, educators must seek to validate and acknowledge students, expose and reveal the unseen, encourage questioning, and facilitate reflection.
  • Inquiry-Based Learning

    Designing Learning That Matters

    Foster deep learning experiences for your students by using inquiry, seeking lessons and projects that inspire, always asking "why?", and letting them loose on projects.
  • Student Engagement

    (Re)Creating Poets: How to Teach Poetry in the Classroom

    Edutopia blogger Joshua Block begins with the idea that everyone is born a poet, and goes on to offer four strategies and a handful of resources to bring out the poet in every student.
  • Literacy

    Reimagining School Writing

    Move beyond the five-paragraph essay. Bring school writing to life through freewriting, peer reviews, and allowing students to include relevant memories and vivid descriptions.
  • Assessment

    Let It Marinate: The Importance of Reflection and Closing

    Edutopia blogger Josh Block, acknowledging that it takes time to process information and synthesize ideas, offers some reflective and closing activities to deepen students' learning in those critical minutes at the end of class.
  • Student Engagement

    Planning for Engagement: 6 Strategies for the Year

    High school humanities teacher Joshua Block shares the six strategies he's using this year to engage his students more deeply in their learning.
  • School Climate

    Turning Classes Into Communities

    By intentionally building community, respecting students' human needs, and modeling what we value, we help students experience school as a place of belonging and transformation.
  • Project-Based Learning

    5 PBL Best Practices for Redefining the Teacher's Role

    PBL changes a teacher's traditional role through framing the learning, helping students develop ideas, consulting as they revise, and encouraging feedback, reflection, and authentic presentations.
  • Social and Emotional Learning

    Creating More Compassionate Classrooms

    Guest blogger and high school humanities teacher Joshua Block shares the six structural and pedagogical reminders he uses to steadily improve the ethic of compassion in his classroom.
  • Student Voice

    Student Choice Leads to Student Voice

    By giving students opportunities to produce quality work about issues that matter, we give them access to their passion, voice, skills, and revelation.
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching

    Educate to Liberate: Build an Anti-Racist Classroom

    Teachers must recognize and empower students with backgrounds different from their own, including their voices in the conversation and validating their experiences and perspectives.
  • Education Equity

    Our Students' Reality: We Can't Ignore It

    By making classrooms places where real-world work and thinking happen, we encourage inquiry, conversation, and conflict in hopes of creating something better for our students.
  • Student Engagement

    Embracing Messy Learning

    Guest blogger Joshua Block, a high school humanities teacher, explains how student confusion and frustration aren't necessarily a reflection of your teaching skills, but rather an integral part of any authentic learning experience.