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Jori Krulder

High School English Teacher

I am a teacher of 20 years whose excitement in the classroom has been sparked anew by the incredible connections I’ve made with other educators on Twitter. I taught English and reading for four years in urban San Diego before moving to Northern California to teach at a rural high school and to complete my master’s in education from Chico State University.

My passion for poetry, literature, student learning, and improving teacher development has led me to write articles for Edutopia, The Teaching Channel, and, as well as a chapter in The Best Lessons Series: Literature - 15 Master Teachers Share What Works by Brian Sztabnik. I’ve led workshops in discussion and close reading techniques that work across the curriculum, most recently at the National Convention of Teachers of English 2017. Lately, I’ve discovered the joy of mentoring teachers and students through the College Board’s AP Literature and Composition mentor program and the National Math Science Initiative. Connecting educators is key when it comes to professional development.

My students read a lot, write a lot, and discuss, discuss, discuss. My ultimate goals is to build students’ independence in their ability to understand and make themselves understood in this world.

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  • Literacy

    3 Hands-on Learning Activities for English Class

    Simple art activities can spark deep thinking about literature in middle and high school English language arts classes.
  • Student Engagement

    3 Ways to Use Music in the Classroom

    A high school teacher shares how she uses music to foster a sense of community and make learning more engaging.
  • Lesson Plans

    Teaching the Research Process Through Podcasting

    Sharing their podcasts with peers gives students motivation to conduct research and develop skills they’ll need later to write essays.
  • Literacy

    Putting an End to Fake Reading

    Five ideas on how to get students to really read books—and enjoy themselves while doing so.
  • Literacy

    The Unexpected Power of Reading Conferences

    A high school English teacher has a single accountability measure for her students’ choice reading: talking to them about it.
  • Literacy

    5-Minute Writing Conferences

    How to make conferencing on essays with 30 students manageable and effective—and the unexpected benefit conferences can bring.
  • Classroom Management

    Setting Up Norms for Independent Work

    One-on-one conferences with students are a valuable use of class time—provided the other students are able to work quietly on their own.
  • Communication Skills

    A Low-Stakes Public Speaking Exercise

    A simple public speaking framework that can be adapted to fit your available time—and it’s introvert-friendly.
  • Communication Skills

    Bringing All Students Into Discussions

    Techniques for fostering meaningful class discussions by getting even reluctant students to share their insights.
  • Literacy

    Group Work That Really Works

    A group essay writing activity pushes every student to contribute—and it can lead to real growth in writing ability.
  • Literacy

    The Rhetorical Analysis of Poetry

    Poems can be a valuable companion to nonfiction texts for covering rhetoric because of their compactness and vivid language.
  • Literacy

    ‘Bad Ads’ and the Study of Rhetoric

    Analyzing whether an ad is misleading or not can be a great way to get students engaged in the study of rhetoric.

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