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Johanna Rauhala

Peer Coach, Teacher, Writer, Parent

I am honored to work with teachers in my current role as a Peer Coach. In tandem with a wonderful team of colleagues, I support new teachers as they complete their clear credentials, and I provide differentiated professional development. I have taught middle school English, history, and communications for 17 years and I have an MA in Creative Writing with an emphasis in poetry. Professional areas of focus include equity, differentiation, building student and community relationships, and reflective practice.

Outside of work, I enjoy being with my husband, daughter, friends, and cat, reading all sorts of books, drinking coffee, and just thinking.

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  • Parent Partnership

    Building Relationships With Teachers

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    Personalizing Engagement: Checking In Before They Check Out

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    Don't Quit: 5 Strategies for Recovering After Your Worst Day Teaching

    To recover from your worst day of teaching, cry on a friendly shoulder, breathe, plan for community, prioritize, get perspective -- and please don't quit!