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MakerDad of 4 - Researcher - LeadLearner - Dot-Connector

MakerDads, Founder/CEO

University of Pennsylvania GSE, Lecturer

Schoolze, Head of Innovation and School Leadership

Dr. Joe Mazza (@joe_mazza) is a creative educator who spurs innovation across faculty, students, and alumni of the UPenn Mid-Career Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership and across the Penn Center for Educational Leadership. Frequent speaker, blogger and podcaster both in the U.S. and internationally on innovative leadership and technology integration for personal and professional growth in the educational setting. Strong relationship builder and communicator committed to on-demand and on-line learning and ensuring students understand the power of utilizing networks during the learning process.

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  • Teacher Leadership

    Every Teacher an Innovator

    Guest blogger Joe Mazza believes that, beyond a willingness to integrate the latest technology, true innovation begins with a mindset, something that he encourages all educators to make a part of their job.
  • Education Trends

    Twitter Support for Educators and Parents

    Guest blogger Joe Mazza presents two new initiatives - the #Nt2T chat and the Twitter 101 eCourse - designed to bring teachers, school leaders and parents into the communication- and information-rich Twitterverse.
  • Teacher Leadership

    PennGSE & #Satchat: An Open Conversation About Educator and School Leader Preparation Programs

    Edutopia blogger Dr. Joe Mazza announces a February 15 open social media learning experience for anyone passionate about school leadership, hosted by the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education in conjunction with #Satchat.
  • Parent Partnership

    12 Conversation Starters on What Parents Want You (Teachers) to Know

    Principal and blogger Joe Mazza looks through the lens of his school's parents and suggests 12 conversations that all teachers should be having with their students' parents.
  • Technology Integration

    Live Stream School Events to Boost Community Outreach

    Principal and blogger Joe Mazza describes how, with a little planning and at no cost, schools can bring their far-flung parent community together by live-streaming significant school events.
  • Parent Partnership

    A Guide to Hosting Your Own ParentCamp

    Dr. Joe Mazza, principal and blogger, takes unconferences and edcamps to the next logical step as he provides a detailed guide to hosting your own ParentCamp.
  • Technology Integration

    12 Reasons to Get Your School District Tweeting This Summer

    Blogger and elementary principal Joe Mazza suggests (at least) 12 reasons why it's essential for school districts to open a Twitter account and start tweeting
  • School Leadership

    Plan a "Digital Family Summit" to Engage Students and Parents

    Principal and blogger Joe Mazza recounts his visit to the Digital Family Summit and talks about how, with digital media, children and their parents can learn and play together.
  • Education Trends

    One Size Does Not Fit All: Engaging Families Next Year by Soliciting Feedback Now

    Principal, educator and blogger Joe Mazza looks at data regarding parent engagement with the suggestion that schools tailor their outreach specifically to the families in their community.
  • Technology Integration

    A Parent's Guide to Twitter and Education

    Principal and Parent Teacher Chat moderator Joe Mazza explains the benefits for parents and educators alike to participate on Twitter.
  • Education Trends

    Personalized Learning Resources for Mobile Educators

    Principal and blogger Joe Mazza reviews his recent discovery of podcasts and other personalized learning resources for mobile educators.
  • Technology Integration

    Students and Parents Debrief on Their First Social Media Summer Program

    Principal and Edutopia blogger Joe Mazza shares the success of Summer Knappmodo, a.k.a. Knapp Elementary's summer program on Edmodo.
  • Education Trends

    Penn-Finn Learnings 2013: A Journey of Inquiry

    Blogger Joe Mazza with members of the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education kick off their tour of three schools in Helsinki, Finland and reflect on what they learn.
  • Social and Emotional Learning

    Bully Prevention: Why We Desperately Need to Invest in Home-School Partnerships

    Blogger Joe Mazza talks about heightened awareness and early intervention to avert the always negative and sometimes tragic consequences of bullying.
  • Education Trends

    Penn-Finn Learnings 2013: A Wealth of Resources for Connected Educators

    Blogger Joe Mazza, on behalf of the US and Finnish educators participating in Penn-Finn Learnings 2013, shares the resources yielded by a global edchat live from the University of Helsinki.

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