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Joe Hirsch

Leadership Coach

Joe Hirsch specializes in helping organizations break the silos that create friction in the workplace.  Joe has earned accolades from top-ranked business leaders to NFL consultants  for his forward-thinking approach. A frequent presenter at businesses, conventions and conferences, he is the author of "The Feedback Fix" (Rowman & Littlefield).  He lives in Dallas with his wife and four children.

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    • Family Engagement

      Framing Difficult Feedback for Parents

      A strategy teachers can use to turn parents into partners when discussing difficult situations involving their kids.
    • Teacher Development

      What Teachers Can Learn From Lincoln

      <p>Although he was a president, Abraham Lincoln's life provides some powerful lessons for teachers: demonstrating restraint, building trust, and the power of predictability and presence.</p>
    • Flipped Classroom

      100 Videos and Counting: Lessons From a Flipped Classroom

      After making 100 videos, a veteran flipped learning educator reflects on what he's learned: keep it simple, employ differentiated instruction tools, and respect students' schedules.
    • Social and Emotional Learning

      Teaching Empathy: Turning a Lesson Plan Into a Life Skill

      Guest blogger Joe Hirsch, teacher leader and curriculum developer, describes the jigsaw method of cooperative learning and how it naturally builds empathy as students rely on each other to share pieces of a bigger picture.
    • Professional Development

      Share "Feedforward," Not Feedback

      Through collaborative, reflective practices such as working with an instructional coach, peer observations, teacher rounds, and PLCs, teachers can identify and own their professional growth.
    • Flipped Classroom

      “Fliperentiated” Instruction: How to Create the Customizable Classroom

      By combining the flipped learning model with differentiated instruction, teachers can quickly and efficiently mobilize their students in "right size" learning activities.
    • Flipped Classroom

      4 Tips for Flipped Learning

      The core of a successful flipped-learning program is customized, watchable, functional video. Here are four tips for creating and integrating high-quality video content.
    • Teacher Leadership

      Teach Kids to Use the Four-Letter Word

      Guest blogger Joe Hirsch, award-winning teacher leader and curriculum developer, talks about a powerful four-letter word - grit - and why teachers shouldn't be afraid of demonstrating and encouraging their students how to use it.
    • Flipped Classroom

      Now Hiring: Flipped Learning Architects

      Before flipping your class, think like an architect instead of a video producer, because the medium of instruction ultimately matters less than the desired outcomes.

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