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Jennifer Ng’andu

Program Officer, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Jennifer Ng’andu is a program officer at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, focusing on addressing some of the most potent threats to a culture of health for children, their families, and their communities—childhood obesity and violence. She is building out an agenda at the Foundation to foster children’s social and emotional development, mental and physical wellness, and resiliency, with the ultimate goal to ensure that families are healthy and free from the conditions that underpin violence and trauma.

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  • Social and Emotional Learning

    Lifelong Success Starts With Social-Emotional Learning

    Building a culture of health starts with developing children's social and academic aptitude from a young age with self-knowledge, empathy, communication skills, collaboration, and growth mindset.
  • Education Equity

    It’s Not What’s Wrong With the Children, It’s What’s Happened to Them

    Instead of punitive discipline that limits students’ potential, we must adopt a more holistic approach and address the life circumstances that are causing their behavior.