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Jeff Knutson

Senior Producer and Content Strategist, Common Sense Education

I'm the production lead for Common Sense Education's EdTech Tips project, where we create short, actionable, video- and web-based content to help teachers and students learn new, innovative, and effective ways to use edtech tools. Prior to my work at Common Sense I was a classroom teacher for 10 years, where I taught high school English and sheltered ELL classes. Throughout my career, I've worked to enhance and redefine how students learn with digital tools, and I'm an advocate for the creative, thoughtful, and responsible use of technology in education.

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  • Collaborative Learning

    Setting Up Effective Group Work

    Truly collaborative group work is complex and messy, so we have a few tips and tools to get students working interdependently.
  • Media Literacy

    Turning Your Students Into Web Detectives

    Five vetted resources students can use to separate truth from fiction online.
  • Parent Partnership

    Improving Your Parent-Outreach Strategy

    Use these communication tools to keep parents in the loop, reduce your workload, and boost student engagement.