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Jeff Grabill

I am a writing teacher and researcher at Michigan State University.

I am a Professor of Rhetoric and Professional Writing and Chair of the Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures at Michigan State University. I am also a senior researcher with WIDE Research (Writing in Digital Environments), which is part of Matrix, a digital humanities research center. I helped found Drawbridge LLC, an educational technology company. As a researcher, I am interested in digital writing is associated with citizenship, learning, and knowledge work practices.

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  • Technology Integration

    Is the Cell Phone the New Pencil?

    Writing professor and researcher Jeff Grabill discusses a Michigan State University study which suggests that, although students spend much of their day with cell phone in hand, their "writing lives" are blossoming.
  • Technology Integration

    Why Digital Writing Matters in Education

    Professor, researcher, and ed tech developer Jeff Grabill explains that, while writing is no longer exclusively about setting pen to paper, learning to write well is an increasingly important digital age skill.