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Jacquelyn Richards


Jacquelyn Richards, MA, LMFT, is a Bay Area psychotherapist who supports preteens, teens, parents, and teachers to reduce anxiety and resolve conflict through mind-body awareness. Through her 8-plus years of counseling experience in independent, charter, and public schools, she has helped design and implement restorative justice practices to promote safety, enhance community connection and ensure psychological well-being. With colleagues from the San Francisco Day School, she presented at the December 2017 People of Color Conference (“What Happened? And How Do You Make It Right? Using Restorative Justice to Support Diversity”) and is passionate about bringing awareness of our nervous systems as a fundamental building block to community well-being.

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    • Social and Emotional Learning

      How Restorative Justice Helps Students Learn

      Restorative justice allows everyone affected by a harm to return to a calm state that is optimal for learning.