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Ira Socol

Public School Educational Technology and Innovation Director, Researcher, UDL, SpEd, History, Motivations

I am a public education director of Educational Technology and Innovation, a Design Project Manager, involved with architecture and learning space design. A former research and teaching assistant in the College of Education at Michigan State University, with prior experience in law enforcement, architecture, art and design before becoming involved in technological services to those with special needs, working in universities (including teaching at both Michigan State and Grand Valley State Universities), K-12 schools, businesses, and vocational rehabilitation services. My research explores both the re-design of educational institutions with Universal Design technology and the history of education and technology, research which is done and presented globally.

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  • Social and Emotional Learning

    When Controversy Hits Your Community

    In Virginia, educators say the groundwork for addressing student responses to the recent Charlottesville protest was laid in the years before the event.
  • Technology Integration

    The Basics of Open Technology

    From abundant tools and smart budgeting to accessibility and trust, the Albemarle County Public Schools maintain a district-wide tech program that leverages digital literacy for all students.
  • Teacher Leadership

    Google+: The Dark Side of the Circle

    Google's social network is built on the idea of social stratification. How does this translate to the classroom?