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Ian Kelleher

Science Teacher and The Dreyfuss Chair of Research for the Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning

Dr. Ian Kelleher is a science teacher at St. Andrew’s and the Dreyfuss Chair of Research for the Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning. He spends his days teaching physics and robotics while working on projects that help teachers translate the science of learning into everyday practices in their own classrooms. He is the co-author of Neuroteach, and his latest project is Neuroteach Global—a professional development platform for educators that utilizes the science of learning to teach the science of learning.

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  • Project-Based Learning

    Your Checklist for Virtual Project-Based Learning

    It’s actually a good time for challenging, independent projects. Here are some of the steps you should consider as you prepare your students to get started online.
  • Online Learning

    The Science of Keeping Kids Engaged—Even From Home

    The upcoming school year will be filled with uncertainty, but the need to keep students engaged while working from home feels like a sure thing. Fortunately, there is a science of motivation.
  • Online Learning

    How to Align Your LMS With the Science of Learning

    The demands of distance learning will make your Learning Management System (LMS) more important than ever this year. Have you thought about how to align your tech with the best research on how students learn?

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