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Heidi A. Olinger

Educator, Social Entrepreneur + Founder of Pretty Brainy, Inc.

I love teaching, speaking, writing and being part of the conversation and community on what works in education. Following is a brief, third-person bio of me.

Heidi Olinger is an educator, social entrepreneur, and the author of Fashionably Mashed: The STEM of Fashion Design. For teaching excellence, she has been honored by the Boettcher Foundation and others. She is the founder of Pretty Brainy, a nonprofit organization that designs curricula and materials to support educators in exciting students about learning and in preparing them, especially girls, to pursue the broadest of career options. In 2012 InnovatioNews named Pretty Brainy “An educational leader for STEM education.”

Inside and outside of Pretty Brainy Heidi speaks on the success of girls and women in science and math. Contact her at

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  • STEM

    Redesigning Fashion Design: From Tween Distraction to STEM Focus

    To help make STEM relevant for all students, Heidi Olinger puts a fashion industry spin on soil science and math for middle school girls.
  • Student Engagement

    To Help Students Learn, Appeal to What They Value

    Guest blogger Heidi A. Olinger, STEAM teacher and social entrepreneur, gives an insightful strategy for learning about what students value and then teaching in ways that will engage them by appealing to those values.