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Harry O'Malley

I design and teach math.

Harry O’Malley has some of the most unique experiences in the world of math education. His is co-director of The Gifted Math Program at the University at Buffalo. He is a math specialist for the Williamsville Central School District in Williamsville, NY. He is the founder of Fill Education and Manifest Education, two of the most interesting math-ed start-ups in the world today. He has taught or advised all levels of mathematics from Pre-K to college and is equally experienced teaching all levels of student ability. His work has attained national attention, being featured in publications such as Edutopia and The Huffington Post.


  • Teaching Strategies

    Connecting Learning With Emotions

    Emotional scripting—working to evoke specific emotions in students—adds a new layer to lessons to make them more memorable.
  • Teaching Strategies

    This Is What Math Looks Like

    Whether they’re in kindergarten or calculus, students can use simulations to see the math.