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Harry O'Malley

I design and teach math.

Harry O’Malley is co-director of The Gifted Math Program at the University at Buffalo. He is a math specialist for the Williamsville Central School District in Williamsville, NY. He is the founder of Fill Education and Manifest Education. He has taught or advised all levels of mathematics from Pre-K to college and is equally experienced teaching all levels of student ability. His work has been featured in publications such as The Huffington Post.

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  • Game-Based Learning

    Turning Math Into a Game

    Building a sense of play around math problems encourages students to engage and collaborate.
  • Teaching Strategies

    Connecting Learning With Emotions

    Emotional scripting—working to evoke specific emotions in students—adds a new layer to lessons to make them more memorable.
  • Teaching Strategies

    This Is What Math Looks Like

    Whether they’re in kindergarten or calculus, students can use simulations to see the math.

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