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Geoff Richman

Learning Specialist and Writer

Geoff Richman is a learning specialist at American School in London. Previous positions include the head of the Upper School Learning Support Program at International School of Amsterdam and K–12 director of the Academic Resource Center at The Lovett School in Atlanta.


  • Teaching Strategies

    Using Think Time to Let All Students Show What They Know

    More students will be better able to share their learning—during both discussions and tests—if they have the time they need.
  • Formative Assessment

    Assessment: Lower Stakes, Raise Retention

    Students learn better through retrieval-enhanced learning which can be practiced with smaller quizzes, daily questions, opportunities for reflection, and personalized oral quizzes.
  • Student Engagement

    Making Connections

    When teachers make a point of connecting with students as individuals, those students will feel valued, be willing to take risks, and ultimately thrive.