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Elsa Wiehe

Outreach Manager, African Studies Center at Boston University

Elsa Wiehe is a multilingual Mauritius citizen with two decades of experience in international education. A licensed K–6 teacher, she taught English and French in elementary and secondary schools and worked as an educational consultant in West and Southern African countries focusing on gender equity and educational access. She holds an EdD from Umass Amherst, where she also earned an MEd in multicultural, bilingual, and ESL education. 

She’s published and presented widely on a number of subjects. Recent publications include “Making Race: Examining the Power of Local Place in Teacher Discourse” for the International Journal of Multicultural Education (2019) and “The Struggle for Creole in Schools in Mauritius: Toward a Decolonial Interculturality in Language Policy and Practice” in Intercultural Education: Critical Perspectives, Pedagogical Challenges, and Promising Practices (2020), and the forthcoming “Translanguaging to Teach for Justice for Multilingual Students” in Educational Foundations: An Anthology of Critical Readings (2020).


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