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Elizabeth Peterson

Elementary School Teacher

Elizabeth Peterson has been teaching for 20 years and loves to bring creative experiences into her elementary classroom. As an arts integration specialist, she is the host of The Inspired Classroom, providing inspiration to other educators through informative articles, resources, and professional development opportunities. Elizabeth has authored two arts integrated resource books, Inspired by Listening and Studio Days. Her latest endeavor is developing the newest branch of arts integration, SEAL (social-emotional artistic learning), which provides teachers with resources to integrate the arts with social-emotional learning. 

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  • Social and Emotional Learning

    Using the Arts to Promote SEL

    Arts-infused social and emotional learning activities help elementary students build emotional awareness, focus, and empathy.
  • Social and Emotional Learning

    Building Community With Friendly Fridays

    Easy-to-plan creative activities help students build strong relationships and improve their social awareness and self-regulation.