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Elizabeth Crane

Elizabeth Crane is a freelance writer in San Francisco who writes about many things, including education, parenting, technology, and food.


  • Project-Based Learning

    Beyond the Basics: Super Subs Bring the Arts to Underserved Kids

    These unusual substitute teachers offer a day of curriculum-expanding fun to schools -- free.
  • Project-Based Learning

    Easy as Pie: A Rural Center for Urban Renewal

    Farming -- and dessert -- at California's Pie Ranch.
  • Project-Based Learning

    Be the Media!: Teen Talent Gets Recognition

    Through an Internet site specifically created for teenage talent, kids finally get an online place to call their own.
  • Social and Emotional Learning

    Global Nomads: At-Risk Students Connect with Peers Worldwide

    An ambitious videoconferencing program brings together teens from all over -- and wakes them up to the world at large.