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Eli Sheldon

Computational Thinking Program Manager at Excel Public Charter School

Eli Sheldon, Computational Thinking Specialist at Green Dot Public Schools Washington

I spent four years in the software engineering world before joining Excel Public Charter School in its inaugural year to serve as the Computational Thinking Program Manager. Now working with Green Dot Public Schools Washington, I collaborate with teachers across three schools to develop computational thinking powered lessons to help students tackle challenging problems in new ways. I teach or co-teach many of these lessons and ensure all CT curricula is freely available online.

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  • Curriculum Planning

    The Flexibility of Computational Thinking

    Three middle school projects—in English, math, and history—use computational thinking skills to address social justice topics.
  • STEM

    Computational Thinking Across the Curriculum

    Four of the skills used to solve computer science problems can be applied in other classes as well.