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Eileen Mattingly

Director of Education for Journeys in Film

My interest in global education dates back to my bachelor's degree in international studies at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service. For more than three decades of classroom teaching and a stint as Director of World Wise Schools for the Peace Corps, I've had the opportunity to develop lessons that reflect this interest. I've also developed lesson materials for PBS, including Bill Moyers NOW and Frontline,and written a number of curriculum guides for The Center for Learning. As Director of Education for Journeys in Film, I work with teams of teachers to develop lesson plans that help teachers use foreign films and documentaries in their classrooms.

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  • Education Equity

    Girl Rising: Celebrating the Day of the Girl Child

    Despite recent improvements, educational equity is still a challenge for U.S. girls and women. Three new films can offer your students a positive global perspective.
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    Kahlil Gibran: Humanity Through Poetry

    Kahlil Gibran, known for the accessibility and warm humanity of his poems, provides students with a window onto an often misunderstood and misrepresented culture.
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    3 Great Films for Teaching About Globalization and Modernization

    Guest blogger Eileen Mattingly, Director of Education for Journeys in Film, discusses methods for teaching about globalization and modernization, including foreign feature films that tell compelling stories of modern life in other parts of the world.
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    Summer Learning Through Film

    Guest blogger Eileen Mattingly suggests three foreign films - 'Whale Rider,' 'Please Vote for Me,' and 'Like Stars on Earth' - as fun starting points for globally-focused summer learning activities.