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Dr. Kadhir Rajagopal

Math Teacher/Instructional Coach/Director of CREATE Academy

Dr. Rajagopal has been a teacher for 8 years as well as an instructional coach for fellow teachers. His experience has been helping urban students with a history of failure, indifference to 6 F’s on a report card, lack of parental support, and low skill level rise to consistent success. Dr. Rajagopal’s students have consistently closed the achievement gap in mathematics in terms of race and income. Since finding success in the classroom, Dr. Rajagopal and his students have spoken throughout the nation at conferences on closing the achievement gap. The pedagogy he uses is called CREATE. Dr. Rajagopal has written a book, Create Success! Unlocking the Potential of Urban Students, published by Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development. This book reveals the specific strategies Dr. Raja has used to uplift hundreds of urban students from a history of failure to success. Dr. Raja strongly believes that any teacher who takes personal responsibility for their students’ success and who diligently implements the CREATE instructional approach will uplift any population of students in any type of classroom to success. In June 2010 Dr. Rajagopal was recognized as Sacramento County’s Teacher of the Year and in November 2010, Dr. Rajagopal was named as 2011 California State Teacher of The Year.

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