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Allen Mendler is an educational consultant who is highly regarded as a motivational speaker. He provides consulting and professional development in the areas of student motivation, behavior management and teacher satisfaction. Mendler is the author or co-author of numerous books and articles including best sellers WHEN TEACHING GETS TOUGH: SMART WAYS TO RECLAIM YOUR GAME (ASCD, 2012), DISCIPLINE WITH DIGNITY (ASCD, 2009) and MOTIVATING STUDENTS WHO DON'T CARE (Solution Tree, 2000). His just released,THE RESILIENT TEACHER: HOW DO I STAY POSITIVE AND EFFECTIVE WHEN DEALING WITH DIFFICULT PEOPLE AND POLICIES (ASCD, 2014), offers practical ways for teachers to stay positive and effective even in the face of unsound policies, behaviorally challenging students, difficult parents and unsupportive colleagues. For more information contact www.tlc-sems.com or www.ascd.org/allenmendler.

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  • Teacher Wellness

    Create a Self-Care Plan to Beat the Winter Blues

    Try these simple mental and physical exercises throughout the school day to improve your mood.
  • Teacher Wellness

    Rediscovering Your Fulfillment as a Teacher

    If you're committed to a more joyful teaching practice, commit to playfulness, positivity, being present, and embodying the attitude that you want to project.
  • Classroom Management

    Connections, Not Consequences

    For individual student behavior issues, rely less on consequences and more on personal connections, scaffolding your process with dialogue, negotiation, and ultimately agreement.
  • Classroom Management

    Fresh Starts for Hard-to-Like Students

    Improve trust and communication with difficult students by expressing gratitude, using encouraging statements, and treating them in the same way you treat your best students.
  • Classroom Management

    4 Early-Year Keys for Effective Classroom Discipline

    Effective classroom management starts at the beginning of the year when a teacher clearly and respectfully lays out behavior standards and methods for handling misbehavior.
  • Character Education

    The Roots of Violence: Getting Past the Point of No Return

    With the latest school shooting at Reynolds High School, Dr. Allen Mendler suggests the only real interventions to prevent such future acts.
  • Student Engagement

    The Key to Preparing Difficult Students for the Real World

    Guest blogger Allen Mendler compares what's expected of students in school to what will be expected of them in the real world, and suggests more realistic goals for giving them a more satisfying academic life.
  • Student Engagement

    "Why Do We Need to Learn This?"

    Guest blogger Dr. Allen Mendler shares three methods for connecting students with the relevance of what they're learning: getting them to accept the unknown, getting them to laugh, and connecting the information to their life goals.
  • Communication Skills

    Teaching Your Students How to Have a Conversation

    I was recently in a third grade classroom and was struck by the presence of rules that were posted for how to have a conversation. Having visited many middle and high schools, I think these same rules could -- and probably should -- be posted there as well.