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Dorothy Venditto

Teacher, Bedford Central School District

Dorothy Venditto teaches in the Bedford Central School District in New York. She is a National Board Certified teacher who was awarded the Empire State Teacher of Excellence Award in 2016. She has created and facilitated workshops on gender bias and on teacher leadership and is currently developing workshops on learning and technology. She was a founding faculty member for the National Board Council of New York Teacher Leadership Program.


  • Curriculum Planning

    A Gender Equity Elective in Elementary School

    A class on gender equity built around the film ‘Girl Rising’ inspires fifth-grade girls and boys to share their learning with their whole school.
  • Education Equity

    An Enrichment Program for All Students

    Building the remediation some students need into elective enrichment classes can be a way to open those classes to all students.
  • Education Equity

    Increasing Gender Equity in Elementary School

    Seeking to bring more girls into STEM classes, educators examined their students’ and their own attitudes about gender.