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Dianne Pappafotopoulos

Instructional Technology Specialist K-12, M.Ed

Dianne is the District Instructional Technology Specialist at Dover Sherborn Public Schools, where she assists faculty and staff to integrate technology into the K-12 curriculum. With a Masters in Education and a combination of teaching, business, and technology experience, Dianne is well versed in the types of resources and pedagogy that work well in the classroom to engage students and enable teachers to feel confident with technology rich lessons. Dianne has taught technology courses both online and in the classroom, where she learned the importance of having a learning management system to communicate with students and involve them in project based lessons where they could collaborate and share ideas both in and outside of the classroom. In addition to her current role as a technology integration specialist, Dianne is a member of the Technology & Engineering Department where she teaches an Introduction to Programming course at the high school level. Dianne maintains the school’s website, occasionally presents at MassCue, and is a member of several technology committees where she actively participates in the ongoing Technology Plan for the District.

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