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Diana Rivera

Where education, creativity and psychology intersect is where I play, profess and provide professional services!

Diana Rivera is a leading creativity coach, facilitator and specialist who uses creative practices, coaching models and contemporary research in psychology to create profound purpose and direction for her students and clients.  Diana develops innovative multi-week, arts integration programs for children, adolescents and professional development for teachers fusing drama, creative writing and visual art. She also develops programs for nonprofit and for-profit organizations on creative process, collaboration and enhanced communication.

Diana holds two Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts and American Studies, as well as a Master’s degree in Psychology. She is presently seeking her PhD in clinical psychology with an emphasis in creativity. Diana is in private practice as a Psychological Assistant in downtown Los Angeles under the supervision of Dr. Paula Bruce. Feel free to contact her at

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    • Creativity

      Stirring Students’ Imaginations

      Three strategies for helping upper elementary and middle school students develop their mind’s eye.
    • Social and Emotional Learning

      Let the Child Cry: How Tears Support Social and Emotional Development

      Crying is an important part of children's social-emotional development. Instead of demanding that they stop, create an emotionally safe classroom with patience, acceptance, and compassion.