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Deborah Peart

Third Grade Teacher in Atlanta

Deborah Peart has a passion for teaching and learning. She has been a classroom teacher for over 25 years and currently teaches third grade at a private independent school in Atlanta. In addition, she provides support in reading, writing, and mathematics in one-on-one and small group settings. After she completed Orton-Gillingham training for K–12, as well as specialized training in mathematics instruction, a new fire was ignited to provide multisensory experiences to enhance learning for all students. This led to her obtaining certifications in yoga and mindfulness, which supports her mission to help educators and students experience learning in mindful and meaningful ways. Most recently, Deborah has expanded her skill set to include graduate studies in elementary mathematics and teacher development, and she has led professional development workshops and had the opportunity to present at national conferences, sharing creative ideas and strategies for teaching mathematics. Through consulting, professional development, and lectures, she hopes to share innovative instructional strategies with parents and educators. Deborah’s ultimate goal is to touch the lives of children and empower them to approach mathematics with confidence and an open mind, so they can experience success.

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