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David Markus

Former Editorial Director of Edutopia; dad of 4 (3 kids in public school)

I have a great job helping to bring to light what works in education here at Edutopia. I also have a great family with four kids, including three in elementary school. My wife is our schools's PTA president, so we are lucky to have some work/home symmetry. I'm excited about connecting with other Edutopians.


  • Teacher Leadership

    One Week Later: Healing Sandy Hook

    Edutopia editorial director David Markus touches on ways to honor the 26 victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy, as well as the discussion on school safety that has emerged in the aftermath.
  • Social and Emotional Learning

    Unspeakable Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School

    Edutopia has gathered resources that may help you and your children in respond to the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.
  • Education Trends

    The Social and Emotional Benefits of Being Weirdly Creative

    Arts integration helps kids connect and feel safe on the bumpy road to learning.
  • Technology Integration

    High-Impact Professional Development for Rural Schools

    This high-quality professional development program consisting of 200 hours of training spread over two years has consistently demonstrated positive impacts on student achievement.
  • Social and Emotional Learning

    Risking Peace at a Troubled School

    Violence and poverty were flooding the community. Stress and anxiety gripped the classrooms. Here’s how a bold schoolwide program of meditation turned the tide and made learning possible again.
  • Student Engagement

    The Kentucky Derby, Springboard to Lessons in American Culture

    May brings the Kentucky Derby to Louisville, Kentucky, known around the globe as "the most exciting two minutes in sports." David Markus writes about how the event can provide inspiration for social studies and other interesting class discussions.
  • Technology Integration

    The Brave New Breakthrough of Online Learning

    Discover how K-12 students and teachers from across the country are using virtual technology to create enhancements to their learning experiences and new success in their lives.
  • Technology Integration

    Research Findings: Rocketship Education Boosts Scores with Online Learning

    A San Jose, CA elementary school shows improvement on math scores with a blended learning approach.
  • Teacher Leadership

    Why We Celebrate School Successes When Education Seems to Be Going to Hell

    With hard work and plenty of district support, Mesquite Elementary School has proven that budget cuts don’t have to mean the end of excellence.
  • Teacher Development

    Up Front: It's the Principal That Counts

    A school leader's "above-and-beyond" philosophy inspires a can-do attitude.
  • Social and Emotional Learning

    Remembering Salinger and Zinn

    We honor a titan of literature, and another of scholarship, who died on the same day.
  • Project-Based Learning

    Up Front: A School's Success Can Be Measured in Smiles

    Houston's YES Prep North Central brings out the best in its students -- and it shows on their faces.
  • All Grades

    Up Front: Federal Education Funding Prompts New Hopes

    Now it's time to bear down and determine how to spread the wealth.
  • All Grades

    Up Front: Putting Public Education Back on Track -- Together

    The time to retool our schools for the 21st century is now.

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