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Dana McCauley

Principal, Crellin Elementary School

Dr. Dana McCauley has served as the teaching principal of Crellin Elementary School in Oakland, Maryland for the past thirteen years. As the instructional leader at Crellin Elementary School she coordinates and monitors programs that guide students to achieve and sustain academic and personal success. Under her direction, Crellin Elementary School participated in a reclamation project that led to the creation of their Environmental Education Laboratory, consisting of a 5.5 acres outdoor classroom, on school property. In addition, the schoolyard is the home of Sunshine Farm, which houses sheep, goats, chickens, multiple gardens and a greenhouse. These unique school features serve as resources for instruction, place-based projects, and student research. McCauley holds a B.S. and M.Ed. from Frostburg State University in Maryland and an Ed.D. from West Virginia University.

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    • Project-Based Learning

      Aligning the Projects With the Standards

      PBL can align with CCSS when teachers, knowing their kids' interests and abilities, let projects evolve to meet student needs as well as the standards.