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Clare Roach

Institute for Educational Initiatives, University of Notre Dame

I share my time between the University of Notre Dame’s Institute for Educational Initiatives and a K–8 school in South Bend, Indiana. I am also a mother of four school-aged children. My roles as parent and educator intersect in my volunteer position as coordinator for the after-school enrichment program at my children’s school.

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    • Literacy

      Starting a Heritage Language Book Club

      A book club can help students who mainly use English but speak another language at home gain valuable literacy skills in the home language.
    • Family Engagement

      Kitchen Table Connections (or 5 Ideas to Re-Envision Homework)

      Rather than mindless or irrelevant busywork, homework should invite students to learn what they can from their home life and take it back to school.
    • Diversity

      Celebrating Your School's Cultural Diversity

      To plan and manage a vibrant Culture Night, anchor the ideas in social studies curriculum, involve the community, and make sure there's food!
    • Diversity

      Cultivating Cultural Assets: An After-School Story

      Make every family feel welcome by inviting parents from different cultures to share their language, heritage, and stories in after-school programs.

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