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Christopher Reddy

The change to improve instruction starts with relevant resources. I write to hold myself accountable for what I learn.

Teaching secondary science allows me to constantly improve my instruction and avoid professional stagnancy. Relevant, pragmatic development is imperative and I'm on a tireless search to not only find but also develop resources that are actionable. Specifically, I'm currently refining a way to teach laboratory science to students learning at a distance and implementing a novel all laboratory science course centered around advanced biotechnology techniques. Contact me if we can collaborate!

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    The Teacher Curse No One Wants to Talk About

    Knowledge is a curse. Knowing things isn't bad itself, but it causes unhealthy assumptions -- such as forgetting how hard it was to learn those things in the first place. It's called the Curse of Knowledge. In this post, we'll identify how the Curse of Knowledge affects educators. Then we'll outline seven ways to alleviate the curse. The ultimate goal is to improve instruction.