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Chris Davis

Chris Davis

Teacher, Tech Innovation Project Coordinator

I am working at Colegio Nueva Granada in Bogota, Colombia. I am very interested in the John Dewey description of "experience" as not merely connecting to prior knowledge but existing as a possible future, and most importantly what that means for our use of iPads as instruments of creativity and online learning system management as an extension of our collaborative learning spaces. I facilitate product based projects in third, fourth, and fifth grade classrooms that culminate in a Spotlight Ceremony for students, teachers, and parents at our school. A multimedia learning process narrative accompanies each project. For an after school activity I manage an African and Afro-Colombian percussion workshop for students. I squeeze in some classical guitar before going to bed. I read on education voraciously. I love running.

I have taught in Lancut, Poland - Galveston, Texas - Cochabamba, Bolivia - Quito, Ecuador - Barranquilla and Bogota, Colombia.

Education seems to be a family thing...

Barbara Davis, mother, career educator

Alberta Stephen, grandmother, career educator

Howard Davis, father, university professor

Peter Davis, brother, art teacher

Bret Davis, university professor and author

Sean Davis, brother, educator and school director

...not to mention the aunts, uncles, and generations as far back as we can trace, all educators.


  • Collaborative Learning
    Deepen students' reflective process by offering them different perspectives from which they can empathize, ask questions, and relate the answers to the world they know.