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C. Ross Flatt

C. Ross Flatt

6th Grade Social Studies Teacher & Curriculum Developer, New York City

I have been in education for the past ten years. Before coming to my current school, Quest to Learn, I taught US History, World History, Global Studies, & Sociology at parochial and public schools in New York and New Jersey. In 2009, I joined the founding team of Quest to Learn, a school that focuses on game-like learning and systems thinking. Since that time, I have worked as a 6th grade Humanities teacher for a class called Being, Space, & Place (BSP). Most recently, I have stepped into the role of Lead Teacher and Curriculum Developer and work with teachers and game designers on Quest to Learn curriculums for middle and high school.


  • Game-Based Learning
    Guest blogger Ross Flatt, a sixth grade teacher at Quest to Learn, demonstrates how studying geography with Galactic Mappers can be a viable strategy for embedding assessment in a classroom game.