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Brittany R. Collins

Teaching and Learning Coordinator at Write the World

Brittany Collins is the Teaching & Learning Coordinator at Write the World, a global online writing community for middle and high school students. She is also a freelance education and curriculum writer with works appearing in Education Week, English JournalLiteracy & NCTEInside Higher Ed, and The Washington Post, among others. 

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  • Literacy

    4 Ways to Use Mentor Texts During the Pandemic

    Students can connect with topics that ring true to their lives while practicing techniques modeled by professional writers.
  • Social and Emotional Learning

    Responding to Students’ Personal Narratives

    A four-part framework for teaching personal narrative writing, which can help students understand themselves and their world.
  • Communication Skills

    Teaching Students to Disagree Productively

    Teachers can scaffold discussions from the early grades on in ways that show students how to respectfully share dissenting opinions.
  • Mental Health

    Talking to Students About Grief

    Supporting students in times of loss is less about finding the right words and more about validating what they choose to share.

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