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Anna Adam and Helen Mowers

Digital Learning Specialists, Change Agents, Inspirers of Innovation

Anna Adam and Helen Mowers are the creators of Tech Chick Tips, a podcast with tips for educators about using technology in instruction to engage students. Both work in Central Texas as the Digital Learning Specialists for Killeen ISD. Anna spent the last 16 years in elementary campuses as a campus instructional technologist. Helen’s 20 years of experience include being a science teacher, instructional technologist, and professional developer. Anna is the proud wife of one and mom to three digital kids, ages 14, 12 and 10, and Helen is proud auntie to two digi-nieces, ages 7 and 4 years! Along with Anna being a FableVision Ambassador and Helen being a Google Certified Teacher, both are Apple Distinguished Educators and addicted to cool gadgets, blogs, podcasts, and social media. They can often be found surfing the web at all hours of the day and night looking for new tips and tools that can engage kids and teachers!

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    Should Coding be the "New Foreign Language" Requirement?

    Digital learning specialists Anna Adam and Helen Mowers explain how the ability to code is becoming the most in-demand global resource for the 21st century, and why coding should become the new foreign language requirement in our schools.
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    7 Apps for Teaching Children Coding Skills

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