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  • Assessment

    Lesson 1: How to Draw in 2-D and 3-D

    Teach your students how to sketch polygons and objects in perspective.
  • Project-Based Learning

    Build SF: Architecting the Next Generation of Young Professionals

    The Build San Francisco model turns students into aspiring designers and architects.
  • Assessment

    Lesson 6: Presenting and Playing the Hole

    Guide students through the steps to create and deliver an oral presentation, and end with playing their golf hole.
  • Assessment

    Lesson 2: Conceptualizing the Golf-Hole Design

    Fostering creativity through brainstorming and sketching sessions.
  • Assessment

    Lesson 4: How to Make Blueprints on Presentation Boards

    Revisit orthographic drawings by teaching students how to create and present plans for their golf holes.
  • Assessment

    Lesson 3: How to Build Golf Holes to Scale

    Practice teamwork skills and estimation by having students lay out a life-size replica of their golf holes.
  • Assessment

    Lesson 5: Using 3-D Software to Render Golf-Hole Designs

    Teach students how to turn their golf-hole designs into cool graphics and animations.
  • Project-Based Learning

    Troubleshooting Project-Implementation Hurdles

    Use these tips to overcome potential resource and attitude barriers in implementing the golf-hole project.

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