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Andrea Marshbank

High School ELA Teacher

Andrea Marshbank is a ninth grade English language arts teacher for a wonderful high school in Topeka, Kansas. She graduated from the University of Kansas with a bachelor’s degree in secondary English education and a certificate in service learning. She is a dedicated educator, writer, blogger, reader, Netflix-watcher, supporter of 1:1 technology, and owner of two dogs (Pokey and Ozzie).

Ms. Marshbank actively assistant coaches Debate and Forensics, tutors through a Sylvan Learning Center, and cosponsors her high school’s Writing Club. Over the summer of 2017, Ms. Marshbank worked alongside the Flint Hills Writing Project at Emporia State University to become a National Writing Project teacher consultant. Ms. Marshbank has presented at the NCTE conference, acted for the local community theater, organized a local volunteering tutoring agency through KU, and traveled to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, as an ESL educator.

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