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Andrea Cross

Over the past twenty years I’ve served in a variety of production, editorial and management roles. I spent a decade at the PBS science documentary series NOVA, where I was a producer on the Peabody award-winning miniseries “The Elegant Universe with Brian Greene.” I also helped develop and oversee NOVA ScienceNOW, a magazine series hosted first by journalist Robert Krulwich and later by astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Since then, I have turned my attention to the multimedia world by developing, curating, and editing content driven websites focused on the health, technology, and environmental fields.

I’m excited to apply my experience in storytelling and passion for engaging audiences to the world of education. At Edutopia I look forward to highlighting the possibilities, successes, and issues in education to both the community of educators and to all those touched by the potential of education.


  • School Leadership

    Principal of a School on the Edge

    The principal of an alternative school opens up about the challenges and rewards of shepherding at-risk kids to graduation.
  • Parent Partnership

    (Hey, Teacher) Leave Those Kids Alone

    An expert in childhood development makes an impassioned plea for creating safe learning environments—and then getting out of the way.

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