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Amy K Conley

Senior English instructor in Fortuna, California

I teach senior English in Humboldt County, CA. I’m always looking for a way to have my students connect with the world that’s about to be theirs and wrote a book connecting motivation research to literacy, Teachers, Mindset, Motivation, and Mastery. Find it on Amazon! As a Redwood Writing Project teacher consultant, I also investigate writing practices with other writing professionals. As a trainer and instructor for California State University’s Expository Reading and Writing Curriculum, I get to coach students and adults to read and write critically.

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  • Service Learning

    How to Change the World: Service PBL in the Common Core Literacy Classroom

    The language arts are the building blocks when applying Common Core literacy standards to tangible, effects-driven actions in the real world.
  • Growth Mindset

    Nurturing Intrinsic Motivation and Growth Mindset in Writing

    To engage your students with their own development as writers, motivate them to care by showing your own interest and engagement with their process.