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Allie Thrower

Continuous Improvement Coach

Allie Thrower is a continuous improvement coach and college instructor. As a continuous improvement coach, she travels between two district elementary schools, working with teachers, facilitating learning communities, and utilizing the continuous improvement model and data to ensure best practices are in place for every child. Previously she taught third and fifth grade; her primary focus was teaching the whole child and growing readers into people who empathize and strive to make a difference in our world. As her district’s newly named District Teacher of the Year, she is an advocate within her district and throughout South Carolina. She believes in supporting teachers by building meaningful relationships and facilitating courageous conversations. She is passionate about public education and believes that education can and will make a difference in our students’ lives.

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  • Literacy

    Ditching the Reading Logs

    Tracking minutes wasn’t helping her students, so a teacher asked them to instead discuss their reading every day, making it a social activity.

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