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Projects, civics, and leadership

I have taught for just about 15 years now. I have always held students engagement and choice at the center of my teaching. I have slowly learned how to successfully pilot students through interesting thematic units with high stakes assessments at the end.


  • Project-Based Learning

    Technology at the Rock: PBL-Driven Integrated Study

    A middle school PBL unit about key 19th century inventions grows into an examination of history, ethics, and the relative values of 21st century technologies.
  • Game-Based Learning

    Civic Mirror: Simulated Nation Building for Middle Schoolers

    Guest blogger Aaron Kaio describes his middle school students' experience with Civic Mirror, an online program that has creatively engaged them in learning about government, law, economics and citizenship.
  • Project-Based Learning

    Upcycle Night: A Middle School PBL Project

    Guest blogger Aaron Kaio shares his students' adventure in upcycling as he details a project that started with trash and recycling, and elevated to a community crafting event.