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Phone Blogging: The How-To

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I'm about to begin the fall semester at Hollywood High School, in Hollywood, California, on July 5. (We are a year-round school, and this begins our 2006-07 school calendar.) This term, I'm going to try something one of my Pepperdine University colleagues showed me: She is able to post to her blog from her cell phone. I'm not really sure how to do it, so she posted instructions on her blog.

I'm going to walk through the steps with my students and see if we can start journaling daily, using voice, still photos, and video, directly from their cell phones. I'll keep you posted on the results, but I would encourage you to read Julz's instructions and give it a try, too. We can compare notes later!

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L. Keren's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

I've been Mobile Blogging with my preservice teachers (young and old) for about a year now....they love it! And a few of them have taken the blogging into their own secondary classrooms. They have used the mobile blogging for journaling field trips, interviewing, poetry readings, and data collection. And the best part is that it is FREE! What a valuable resource---and one that directly connects with the youth of today.

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