Project-Based Learning (PBL)

A Glossary of Common PASA Terms

A vocabulary list of terms used throughout the PASA program-development tutorial.

January 20, 2009

The Providence After School Alliance uses the terms listed below throughout the tutorial. Please peruse the list and refer back to it when needed.


After-school: The hours after school, primarily 2-6 p.m.

AfterZone: A geographic area that defines a "community campus" of schools and community providers in the area. Students from different schools can attend a network of after-school programs within the zone.

AfterZone program grants: Grants distributed to providers that offer programs in arts, sports, and skills mastery in compliance with AfterZone requirements.

AfterZone session: The term during which after-school programs operate: 11 weeks in the fall, 10 weeks in the winter, 6 weeks in the spring, and 4 weeks in the summer.

Chill zones: A physical location in Club AfterZone where youth can read and relax. Creating unique areas with youth-friendly names makes after-school programs more acceptable.

Club AfterZone: Daily learning time for youth involved in one-hour enrichment programs on school grounds; administered by young staff members or volunteers.

Data-tracking system: A computer-based data-collection program that can be used to store data on program participants, track attendance and participation, and generate reports.

Endorsed programs: Recurrent AfterZone providers who have maintained certain quality benchmarks in running programs toward arts, sports, or skills mastery.

Instructional workshops: Discussions lasting 30-45 minutes in which individuals or professionals can share about their profession or a passion during Club AfterZone.

Program provider: Any organization or person providing activities for children and/or youth during the after-school hours.

Providence After School Alliance (PASA): An intermediary agency responsible for creating a system of high-quality after-school opportunities for middle school youth in Providence, Rhode Island. Initially funded by the Wallace Foundation and Bank of America, PASA is driven by the collective efforts of over 150 public and nonprofit after-school providers and is spearheaded by Mayor David N. Cicilline.

Provider programs: Enrichment programs in arts, sports, or skills mastery that take place on or off school grounds during time blocks lasting from one to two and a half hours.

Quality-assessment tool: An applied tool (usually in paper form) used to assess certain aspects of an after-school activity or program. It can be used by after-school program staff as part of their ongoing quality improvement or by an outside observer. Participants may also use self-assessment tools to assess their own growth or progress.

Quality standards: A set of agreed-on benchmarks that after-school programs identify as being important to their success. They also serve as guides to continuous improvement and accountability.

Site-management agency: Community-based organizations that oversee the day-to-day AfterZone operations and logistics, often located at one school for each AfterZone.

Social brand: An identity that includes personality, voice, and style.

21st Century Community Learning Center grant: A grant provided by the U.S Department of Education to community learning centers that provide academic-enrichment opportunities during nonschool hours for children, particularly students who attend high-poverty and low-performing schools.

Young Athletes sport grants: Grants distributed to providers that sponsor sports programs.

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