Multiple Intelligences Self-Assessment

This quiz asks 24 questions and will take less than five minutes to complete. Try not to think too hard -- just go with your first thought when describing your daily activities and interests. By the end, you may have some new insights into the way you think.

For more information about the theory of Multiple Intelligences, check out our in-depth article: Multiple Intelligences: What Does the Research Say? You may also want to watch an interview with Howard Gardner: Big Thinkers: Howard Gardner on Multiple Intelligences.

How much time do you spend:

NoneOnly a littleA fair amountA lotAll the time
Getting lost in a good book.
Doing crafts or arts projects.
Trying to solve mysteries, riddles, or crossword puzzles.
Writing a journal or blogging.
Reflecting on your life and your future.
Playing sports.
Yearning to spend time with nature.

How keen would you be to:

I'd hate toI'd be a little reluctantI wouldn't mindI'd like toI'd jump at the chance
Write a letter, story, or poem.
Try to build or fix something yourself.
Try to think about a problem scientifically.
Try an activity for self improvement.
Sing a song.
Play a musical instrument.
Look after an animal.

When you are in a group, how often do you find yourself:

NeverOnly a littleA fair amountA lotAll the time
Speaking on behalf of the group.
Navigating or reading the map.
Taking the role of leader.
Acting a role or doing an impression of someone.

How well do these statements describe you:

Not me at allA little like meModerately like meA lot like meExactly like me
I like to tell stories.
I like to try to figure out people.
I often set goals for myself, or make specific plans for the future.
I like writing songs or creating new music.
I enjoy dancing.
I like gardening and working with plants.

These materials were adopted from a questionnaire created by Branton Shearer of M.I. Research and Consulting