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How to Create Social Media Guidelines for Your School - Draft Your Document and Incorporate Feedback

    Produced in collaboration with Facebook.

    4. Draft Your Document and Incorporate Feedback

    Now your team will take all the information you've gathered and create a document. This can be the most challenging part of the process and you can expect many drafts and revisions.

    One district that I worked with posted their drafts to a school wiki, where anyone on the team could contribute. There were also opportunities for other teachers, administrators, and students to make comments or bring up other items for consideration.

    Schedule meetings to talk to school staff, administrators, parents, and community members face-to-face.

    Questions for Reflection
    • How will you make your drafts available to the community?
    • How much input do you want?
    • Should you set limits to prevent overload?

    5. Make Sure the School Attorney and School Board See the Draft

    Your school attorney will ensure that you are not violating any current policies, laws, or ordinances. Your school board might want to review your document, and if you are changing policy, they will want to discuss and take a vote.

    Questions for Reflection
    • Does the document violate any current policies, laws, or ordinances?
    • What do you need to do to get buy-in from your school board?

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