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Getting Over the Hump: Using Web-Based Resources Effectively

Jim Moulton

Technology Integration and Project-Based Learning Consultant
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So, when I want to help a teacher or a school get over the hump and begin making effective use of Web-based resources, I look at what they are doing, at their curriculum, and then make some suggestions. For instance, high school chemistry teachers know the importance of an up-to-date periodic table and make use of it every day, making the WebElements Periodic Table a natural. For an early elementary-school classroom teacher with the clear focus on foundational literacy, Starfall makes complete sense. And all teachers use maps in their teaching, making National Geographic's Xpeditions Atlas a clear winner.

With whiteboards practically being a ubiquitous tool these days, leaving chalkboards behind in their own dust, how about an interactive online whiteboard, supported by the folks at General Electric, that allows you to draw in a collaborative environment? Rather than trying to explain it, I have to just urge you to try it. Trust me: If you know how to use a whiteboard, this is going to make sense! And there is so much more, because it is digital. Have fun, and please, let me know what kinds of cool things you accomplish with it!

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Jim Moulton

Technology Integration and Project-Based Learning Consultant

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Devon's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

I believe the use of technology in teaching and learning is vital to the progress that students and teachers make. Technology can only enhance the teaching/learning process, it cannot hurt to integrate the use of technology in the process. Teachers need to really get onboard and start to utilize these gadgets more regularly in the classroom. The students are already onboard and are excited and quite often way ahead of some teachers. The smart board is a useful tool that can enhance learning. It promotes an interactive classroom environment and gets the students really excited and involved in the learning process.

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