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Funding Tips: Advice and Links on Finding Funding and Attracting Investors

Looking to start your own full-time learning program? Here are some tips that may help you get the resources you'll need.


    Funding for extended-day learning programs comes from many sources. Here's a short sampling.

    • Federal funding. Find federal resources that provide grants and funding for extended learning programs.
    • Parents. Ask for parent donations. Parents are usually willing to donate varying amounts to enrich their child's learning.
    • Local businesses. Recruit businesses to provide support -- through funding or other resources. Do your research first; many businesses receive requests for support. Understand the company history, and make contact with the right representatives.
    • Foundations. Research local and state foundations dedicated to serving youth, the arts, health, and related topics.


    • Department of Education: Federal grant applications, opportunities, and resources for educators in the United States.
    • Comprehensive site that connects educators and the public to federal resources for financing and running full-time learning programs.
    • Afterschool Alliance: Tools, databases, and advice for funding full-time learning programs.
    • Children Now: Policy reports and research on California's after-school programs. Includes a kit for applying for California after-school funding.
    • Education World Grants Center: List of current education grants and articles for grant seekers.
    • Grant Resources: Guides and tips on how to write grant proposals.
    • The Foundation Center: Resources, tools, training, and news for grant writing and locating prospective funders.

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