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April 27, 2016

4 Ideas for Boosting Student Engagement

Every student has something to teach us

Give Students Voice and Choice

 VIDEO   See how you can engage even the most distracted kids by giving them agency in lessons and school decisions.

Staff-developed, four-part framework for how to become a warm demander

Expect More From Your Students

Become a "warm demander" -- hold your students to high standards and provide the support they need to get there.

Changing the Odds Conference

The real gift is that learning partners bring their passion and inspiration into the classroom

Bring in Community Partners

 VIDEO   Watch how this middle school invites engaging community partners to create authentic learning experiences for students.

Believe it! Great changes can happen in the classroom with small, practical steps

Create a Student-Centered Classroom

Make these simple tweaks to five different aspects of your classroom, and watch how student engagement improves.


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