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Edutopia. Celebrating Our 25th Anniversary
June 29, 2016
Strategies for Helping ALL Students

It's okay to talk about differences and honor people without judging or discriminating
© Andrea Cipriani Mecchi

Teach Young Children About Bias, Diversity, and Social Justice

If anyone cares deeply about fairness, it's elementray kids! Discover five developmentally appropriate strategies for discussion.

Urban Prep is changing student outcomes through rituals, relationships, and respect
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Hold Daily Assemblies to Improve School Culture

100% of students at Urban Prep (9-12, Chicago) graduate and go on to college. See how the school is transforming the narrative for African American boys.

Empower students to effect change through awareness, advocacy, activism, and aid
© Michael Hernandez

Bring Social Justice Projects to the Classroom

See how one educator develops critical thinking, writing, and media literacy skills through the lens of tolerance.


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