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10 Things You’ll Never Forget From This Year

June 2, 2015 Updated May 29, 2015

We asked our Facebook community recently, “What is one thing you’ll never forget from this year?”

The results were enlightening, ranging from funny to reflective to informative. Amy M. sums it up nicely:

Here are just 10 of our favorite reponses!

1. The kids who inspire you.

The 'I am from' poems my 4th graders wrote and the sweet secrets about their lives they shared. --Jill C.

2. The importance of exercise.

My fabulous Kindergartners and myself dancing to 'What Does The Fox Say' from Just Dance at the annual talent show. They really rocked it. --Kate C.

3. Sometimes you need to channel Parks and Recreation and "Treat Yo' Self".

To really take care of myself. Be a little selfish sometimes. :) --Katherine L.

4. Each and every child is unique.

The kids who take the most energy in the most disruptive ways are often asking for help or support the only way they know how. --Lindsay L.

5. The power of a good mantra.

One day at a time! --Greg B.

6. Love is the secret ingredient in discipline.

It really is possible to discipline with love. And it really works! --Tracy C.

7. How to stay on your game.

Connecting! Connecting to students, teachers, and other colleagues. When these positive connections are made, we all shine! --Maria L.

8. Humor can keep you sane.

Don't take any of this too seriously. There's always time to laugh. --Laura T.

9. Remember who you're there for.

I teach kids. Not tests or standards or learning targets. Kids. --Laura S.

10. Most importantly, why you do what you do.

I love my job no matter the pressure and the sleepless nights. --Ifigenia O.

What's one thing you'll never forget from this year? Get inspired in the comments section below!

This piece was originally submitted to our community forums by a reader. Due to audience interest, we’ve preserved it. The opinions expressed here are the writer’s own.

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