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Jobs of Tomorrow: Classifieds Our Students Should Get Prepared to Read

A glimpse at the opportunities and expectations for future workers.

December 3, 2008

Personal Virtual-Presence Agent

Growing agency seeks skilled individual for full-time job as a personal virtual-presence agent to create and shape a client's global online image. Must be able to act on behalf of the client to create multimedia life recordings, navigate the Twitter networks, troll the Web to locate gossip about the client, and approve Web references to the client before they are posted.

Skill sets include language and writing proficiency, search engine optimization, basics of Web technology, proficiency in maneuvering within social-networking sites in all delivery modes (fixed and mobile), newsletter management, and ability to work with video or videographers.

Automotive Hybrid and Fuel-Cell-Vehicle Research Engineer

Major auto manufacturer seeks renaissance engineer with the ability to innovate and solve complex development problems for hybrid-electric, battery-electric, and fuel-cell-electric (hydrogen) vehicles. Must be able to leverage the commonality in electrical and hydrogen environments and coordinate the interfaces between various technological subsystems.

Advanced degree in electrical engineering required. Experience in high-volume electronics manufacturing with some knowledge of electrochemistry and fuel-cell systems desired. Candidate should have some ability to work with high-voltage electric motors, lithium-ion batteries, regenerative braking systems, and wireless communication, plus proficiency with computer-aided design and modeling toolsets.

Exobiologist to Study Alien Life-Forms

Project director/researcher sought to study microbial extraterrestrial life-forms on Europa. Must be able to identify optimal landing sites on bodies in our solar system where evidence of existing or fossilized microbial life is likely to be found, design automated extraction and analytical tools to evaluate samples, conduct analysis of samples through remote experiments, and promote findings in scientific circles.

A doctorate in life sciences with a minor in engineering is required. Candidate must be able to collaborate with an interdisciplinary team of geologists, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, mathematicians, and chemists. Expertise in astronomy, astrophysics, Earth and planetary sciences, microbiology, evolutionary biology, and cosmochemistry is a plus, as is a working knowledge of chaos/complexity theory in modeling evolutionary changes and the growth of microbial colonies.

Senior Biocomputing Engineer

Leading medical facility seeks senior biocomputing engineer to assist with replacing lost or improperly developed organs, as well as augmenting their performance via genetic and engineering solutions. Applicants must be skilled in human/machine neural interfaces, advanced prosthetics and robotics, computer science, and engineering, along with associated medical and surgical techniques.

The ability to work with technicians, engineers, medical doctors, business managers and organizational developers, and legal/public-affairs counsel is essential. Applicant must be able to navigate cultural, philosophical, political, and legal frameworks, plus exhibit superb verbal and written communication skills.

Digital Matchmaker

Agency seeks digital matchmaker to help clients locate possible life partners through their Web footprints. Must be able to conduct Web-based advanced searches of social-networking sites, virtual communities, and online matchmaking services that have agreed to collaborate on behalf of members. Create match assessments using advanced sentiment-mining technology and assist clients to broadcast preferences on cellular devices.

Must be culturally aware and fluent in psychosocial theory, sentiment-mining technology, and current search engine optimization. Ability to write code for advanced searches a plus, along with grounding in statistical analysis and linguistics.

Gene Diagnostician

Major research and teaching hospital seeks highly skilled individual to assist with DNA-based diagnosis to better identify and develop customized treatment for patients. Must be able to collaborate and interact with medical teams and patients, as well as conduct basic research.

Strong background in math, chemistry, and biology a must, with an emphasis on molecular and cell biology. A firm understanding of evolution is advantageous, along with the ability to access information and analyze data. Some background in computer programming, chemical synthesis, and engineering desired.

Ideas contributed by Roman Victor, RVPM Designs; John Kelly, Interactive Scenarios; Scott M. Staley, Ford Motor Company; David Thornburg, Thornburg Center for Space Exploration; Steven Solomon, Interactive Guild; Chris Dede, Harvard Graduate School of Education; Sol Lederman, Federated Search Blog; Gur Tsabar, Ketchum; and Megan Rokop, Broad Institute and Davidson College.

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