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Classy Blogging: Starting Points for Newcomers

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As an educational technology professor, I have noticed that teachers are really not very excited about blogging. Many have never even heard about it, and most do not know the benefits that blogging offers students.

Let me suggest some blogs that will get you and your students started in the blogosphere. Feel free to add more as it relates to teachers, students, and the process of blogging in the curriculum, and in the educational setting.

To start, explore Dr. Annette Lamb's Educational Blogging Sites. This site has a wonderful navigational map and all kinds of blogging starters: purposes, special activities, approaches, assessments, and much more.

My other favorite blogs are

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vicky's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

It appears that I am one of those teachers that is not very excited to blog. I find them too hard to navigate through to actually find a topic I am interested in. Do you have any suggestions on good sites that are listed by topic?

Keri Benjamin's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

This is my first time blogging. It is a requirement for an online degree that I am taking. I have heard of blogging, but not ever really understood what to do and what the point of it was. Thanks for giving a general idea of how to get started and some sites to look into.

georgianna's picture
8th grade science teacher

I, too am blogging as a requirement for a graduate course. I see how one can find a wealth of information and network with others in the same field to share knowledge and ideas. Thank you for your blog that might help to get me started in the "blogging" world.

Trish's picture

Thank you for the information! Like the others who commented, I too need to start blogging for graduate courses. We read an article in which two of the twenty tips were to "blog for yourself" and "blog with your students". I do not know that I am ready to start blogging with my students quite yet; however, I am finding blogging for myself to be pretty interesting! There are so many different avenues to explore. Thanks again!

April's picture
Second Grade teacher from MN

Thanks! I have a personal blog about my family life and have been thinking about starting a classroom blog. This might just give me the motivation I need to get working! I see the value in blogging with my students and I really think they would enjoy it, too. I look forward to further researching the websites you listed above and figuring out a way for my students to get started. Thanks!

Heather's picture

I have recently started a blog in my fourth grade classroom. At first I wasn't excited about it, but this was because I didn't really understand what a blog was. A co-worker helped me to set it up and the students blogged for the first time last week. Students are so excited to do this and now I am too. I look forward to finding fun and excited topics for the students to blog on. I know this is going to be a big motivator as far as writing.

Kandi Kopel's picture
Kandi Kopel
Center Based DCD teacher

I'm new to blogging too. I've mainly posted on blogs related to parenting, but a recent graduate course has prompted me to explore professional blogs too. Any recommendations for good blogs related to special education (specifically center based developmental cognitive delays)? Thanks!

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